Meet the Owner

Dog Daycare Owner Mike

Hi, I'm Mike Tartaglione, the owner of GFK9! I would like to start off by saying how wonderful it is to be fulfilling my lifelong dream of owning a facility like GFK9. My whole staff is another dream come true, I couldn't imagine having a more Dog loving and knowledgeable staff. Another wonderful feeling is when I consistently hear from everyone coming to see the facility that they have never seen or imagined a facility like this. Everybody who's seeing the place for the first time expresses that they had no idea the building was as large as it is. 

Cleanliness and quality of care is a major priority for me and is something that is always commented on by our clients and first time visitors. I simply love giving tours of the facility! The most common remark I hear is "Amazing!" which makes me feel so proud! All our kennels are sized to be much larger than the competition (our kennels will comfortably fit multiple or large Dogs) along with being odor free and well sanitized. We have eighteen large ceiling fans constantly moving the air eliminating the chance of stagnant air. 

I would like to thank all of our current clients for their confidence and willingness to give my place a try. Please always feel free to reach out to me with any concerns or special requests.