Summer Fun

Cool dogs in a pool

I know it's technically spring, but it sure has been feeling like summer!! The pools are out, and of course the dogs LOVE them. We have sprinklers, too, which are another source of entertainment as well as keeping the ground from getting too hot and dusty. More and more puppies are joining daycare and developing social skills with a variety of other dogs and humans, and I love watching them grow and learn. Some of our first puppies are maturing into helpful mentors for the new guys too. Mixing all ages of well-balanced dogs teaches a puppy so much more about being a polite dog among other dogs than any human could.

And our grooming department is open, so we are now able to give your dog a bath before he or she goes home from daycare or boarding. Lisa and Natalie are doing some amazing transformations, and they have the tools and skills to meet any grooming needs. Lots going on at GFK9, so come on over and check it out!