Boarding Services

Your dog will stay in our spacious kennels while our staff provides them with exceptional quality care. You can rest assured that your dogs will be safe and happy while you're gone for business or pleasure. They will be given access to our 18,000 square feet of outdoor play areas and walking paths four times per day included in any boarding. We encourage you to bring your dog's bedding and favorite toys so they can enjoy all the comforts of home while they stay with us.

All dogs in boarding services must be current with proof of vaccination for DHPP, Rabies, and Bordetella (Kennel Cough). This is for the safety of your dog and all other dogs in our care. Call or stop by today to schedule your visit, and ask about our multi-dog discount.


Your dog's most comfortable stay ever! Our luxury suites are the size of a bedroom and have access to private fenced and covered runs measuring 10 ft by 10 ft. The outdoor runs are accessed through a double flap doggy door with magnetic clips which provide great insulation. Your dog can come in and out as much as they please. A Luxury suite costs $55 per night. 

Standard rooms

The most spacious standard kennels in the area. Our standard rooms measure 6 ft by 4 ft, with solid walls for privacy. They're tall enough to comfortably accommodate any size dog. A Standard Room costs $35 per night.

Large rooms 

If your dog loves to stretch out, a Large Room is perfect. Our large rooms measure 8 ft by 4 ft and have a larger entry door than our standard rooms or even our luxury suites. A Large Room costs $40 per night. 

extra-large rooms

Extra-Large Rooms are the ideal choice for multiple dogs or very large dogs to spread out and stretch their legs. Our extra-large rooms are constructed the same as our large rooms but measure 8 ft by 6 ft. An Extra-Large Room costs $45 per night. 


*Please be advised that any prepaid boarding package is nonrefundable.