Grooming Services

Our full service grooming salon can meet any of your grooming needs to get your dog looking and smelling amazing. All dogs in grooming services must be current with proof of vaccination for DHPP, and Rabies. This is for the safety of your dog and all other dogs in our care. 

Call or stop by to schedule your grooming appointment today!


Baths at GFK9 are the complete package. Your dog will be washed with our environmentally friendly, sulfate free, conditioning shampoo, dried, brushed or blown out (to remove excess hair), have their teeth and ears cleaned, and their nails clipped. Our bath pricing is based on breed, so call to get your estimate and schedule your pup to get squeaky clean today!

Puppies five months or younger - only $25.00

Add a "daycare rinse" to any daycare service for only $10.00. A daycare rinse is a simplified bath, just a quick lather and rinse, to get the dust and drool from a rough day's play off your dog's coat before coming home. 


Grooming will get your dog looking sharp! Every groom starts with one of our amazing baths, but includes shaving and/or trimming to get your dog's coat looking its best. As with the baths, our grooming pricing is based on breed, so call and get an estimate so we can get Fido or Fifi looking fabulous!

Additional services

The following specialty baths and brushing services can be added to any bath or groom:

Skunk Bath: Add $25.00

Shedding Treatment: Add $10.00

The services below can be added to a bath or groom (nails, teeth, and ears are already included), or done as stand-alone walk-in services.

Facial Trim: $10.00

Nail Trim: $10.00 

Ear Clean: $5.00

Anal Glands: $5.00 as add-on, $10 as walk-in

Paw Trim: $10.00

Teeth cleaned: $5.00

Spaw Day: Combine a nail trim, ear cleaning, and teeth cleaning for $17.00