We are happy to announce the return of our training classes with the incredibly talented and accomplished Cindy Broz.

* We are offering group classes, at home training and one on one training. If you have any questions or concerns regarding which class to put your dog in please contact our office so we can ensure the right fit for yours and your dogs needs.

*  Also please be advised that any prepaid training package purchased is nonrefundable.

Please read below all of her accomplishments.

* I am a Certified Master Trainer and behaviorist.

* I have been working with dogs for over 45 years. I began in 4-H learning about proper care of dogs, differences in breeds and moved to training puppies and older dogs.

 *At age  14 I got serious about continuing my training and joined a local Kennel club in up-State NY. I worked closely with different trainers there and took 2 of my dogs to CDX Championships.

*I studied dog psychology and spent time learning how dogs think and studying why they behaved the way they did in pack situations and individually.

*I started in-home training when I was 16 years old. I went to California,worked more with dogs and trainers and received Certification as a trainer from the ASPCA of San Francisco in the 1970's.

*I worked with wolves and wolf Hy-brids while there and also worked with several Master trainers who trained police dogs for San Jose California. I spent 8 years in California doing this work and in-home training, also taking dogs to my home for boarding and training.

* In the early 2000's I traveled to Germany, France and Switzerland to see the difference in Personal Protection and Police work there. I received Certification as a Master Trainer there after 3 months work.

* I also work closely with different area veterinarians helping their staff to decrease nervousness in dogs and decrease the chance of biting from nervous dogs.

 Dogs are a HUGE part of my life and I have the utmost respect for their instictive ability to work with their owners. Here in New York State I have done in-home training and have also worked with The Saratoga County Animal Shelter as a volunteer trainer, helping to place animals quickly in new homes.


Cindy Broz